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That’s a mouthful.


You will likely need a really good computer and fast internet connection to really experience this Virtual Tour, but you might enjoy it if you give it a try.  It’s compiled in HTML 5, and no longer requires a plugin.  This over-the-top demonstration contains far too much non-optimized geometry, which basically means the scene has so much detail in it at one time that most non-gamer computers lag behind, and the experience isn’t smooth. Smaller “worlds” run very smoothly and quickly, so this works great for most project demonstrations.

The 3-dimensional downtown is from an old game level I created over a decade ago.  I decided to expand on it a bit, add some moving platforms and allow for some deep exploration throughout the virtual landscape.  Since most of our designs are 3D models at some point, they easily import into 3D scenes for interactive architectural visualizations.  I made the scene at night so the illuminated signs could be seen the way they’re designed to work.

Screenshot of Virtual sign gallery.

You can click the picture above to enter the gallery, located at https://www.electremedia.com/VirtualTour/.  When this was made and uploaded 3 years ago only 2 people viewed it over the course of maybe a year.  Things keep changing with technology and society, so we’ll see what happens this time.

This same creation can be exported to game platforms for Virtual Reality today, and I have dreams for a VR/AR lab.  In my opinion, Augmented Reality will be more widely adopted than VR has been. Like Nintendo introduced to the world, I’d like for my future customers to be able to walk their property and see their future investments rendered in real time right in front of them.

You’ll have to go old school on your keyboard to navigate this world (W,A,S,D), the looking around with the mouse.  And to get to the second level, then take the super high escalator into the big ship above the city you must use the moving platforms.

Enjoy if you’re able!

For more information about Electremedia you can reach us by phone at (405) 200-2599, or by requesting a free quote using our Quote Request Form.  You can view our gallery of designs and finished sign projects, and find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/electremedia, or via Twitter @Electremedia.  Our sister site, www.customsignsokc.com, has additional project and design examples.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Kalen Lake
Owner/Creative Director
Electremedia LLC