Brockhaus has provided fine jewelry to Norman and the surround area since 1952,

and we are delighted to provide a cool new exterior sign for this prestigious family-owned company.  The family wanted a sign that they could change to any color they wanted, such as red for Valentine’s Day, green for St. Patrick’s Day or any shade in between.  There were installation considerations as well, including limiting the damage to the exterior facade, and how to power all of the sign letters.

Since the Brockhaus name has such a long history, we decided to transform their existing logo typeface into illuminated channel letters and mount them to two opposing arrow-shaped pans that converge around a center illuminated gemstone.  Using RGB (red, green, blue) LEDs and separate controllers for the channel letters and gemstone, they are able to change both sign components independently to any color of their choice.

You can view an animation of the gemstone changing color on Electremedia’s YouTube channel here.

Here are some closeup renderings and a composite of the new sign design.

3D Rendering of Brockhaus Jewelry sign design.

A closeup rendering of new sign design, illuminated channel letters on a back pan.


Photo composite of channel letter rendering over building.

The pans the channel letters mount to is not only a decorative feature, but reduces the impact installing the signs might have on the exterior wall.  Individual illuminated channel letters not only require multiple points of attachment to the wall, but also require a hole to be drilled through to the inside for each illuminated character.

Lastly, and what we always love to hear, is that Electremedia not only presented a better sign design, but were also competitive in price, and much more helpful in general, they said.  We’re so glad, but not surprised.  We are a design agency that is centered around signage and business graphics, not a glorified t-shirt shop.  We want clients, not just customers.  Signs are a major investment for any business, and as such, requires a lot of thought and attention.  Every project is unique, and the style, branding, history, marketing, environmental impact and cost savings all need to be carefully considered when presenting sign design ideas to a client.  We always strive to prove ourselves with every single project.

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