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Innovation Central is a global sales and training showcase for Georg Fischer Manufacturing Company.

Located in Shawnee, Oklahoma, GF Central Plastics has grown into a key position in the Swedish company’s global network of over 200 operating centers around the world.  Electremedia played a small part in a very large operation by providing exterior and interior signage, point light world map art, wall lettering, and installing over 100 vinyl graphic pieces.

Although we subcontract all of our large installations, we were able to handle applying the 96 decals required for these displays, along with a few others.


Photo of a large map of the world with different colored LED pin lights in various areas.

As I’ve said before, we love challenges.  This eight by twelve foot World Map includes LED pin lights for key locations around the world.

We first created the map graphic, then plotted out company division locations around the world, and determined from annual reports where each division was located, either corporate, piping, plastics or automotive.  Picture of map of the world with LED pin lights in certain areas.Using Google Earth I located the cities, then decided how to represent over 200 locations across 4 divisions with a limited surface area.

Custom designed and fabricated, it’s one of a kind.

Picture of blue dimensional letters on white tile wall. Across the foyer from the World Map is the first of three illuminated logo signs.

Picture of blue channel letters of +GF+ on the side of a building.   This channel letter logo was installed to the outside of the Innovation Central building, and the third is located at the front entrance to the main offices and plant.

Picture of +GF+ blue channel letters mounted to side of building overhang.


Picture of metal monolith type sign in front of building, silver with blue letters.

At the entrance to the building is a custom metal monument, with LED internally illuminated acrylic logo lettering.  Working with pure anodized aluminum was new, but the look is like no other.

Picture of a silver monolith sign with blue logo letters.

We also provided a second pylon on the entrance lawn, to replace their old non-lit, vinyl graphics one.  The new signage and updates to the exterior logo signs helped the global launch of their Innovation Central become a great success.

Electremedia was delighted to work so hard responding to rapid fire changes, new design orders, job expansion and more!  We love it when a simple call for flat acrylic logo letters to go in the foyer of a new building, to 3 sets of logo signs, 2 new monument signs, a 12-foot illuminated wall map, custom large wall lettering, vinyl graphic installation and more.  Yes, we love those types of calls!


You can reach us by phone at (405) 200-2599, or by requesting a free quote using our Quote Request Form.  You can view our gallery of designs and finished sign projects, and find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/electremedia, or via Twitter @Electremedia.  Our sister site, www.customsignsokc.com, has additional project and design examples.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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