Electremedia Signs, Design & Technology

High-impact interior logo signage is an Electremedia specialty.

We are constantly transforming customer logos into a visual branding piece that speaks volumes to customers and employees alike.  Electremedia understands how and why you need to make a strong and relevant visual statement, and there’s no coming back from a bad first impression.

Sometimes customers want their logo updated while their sign is being designed, and as experienced graphic artists, we are delighted to be able to meet our customer’s needs in-house.

You can reach us by phone at (405) 200-2599, or by requesting a free quote using our Quote Request Form.  You can view our gallery of designs and finished sign projects, and find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/electremedia, or via Twitter @Electremedia.  Our sister site, www.customsignsokc.com, has additional project and design examples.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Leave it to us to recommend an affordable sign design and attractive solution for your interior sign needs.  Or if you happen to know exactly what you’re wanting, just let us know.  Unless you tell us otherwise, our responsibility is to make your dreams ours, and not change you into something we think you should be.  Quite often a customer is more concerned with their message being communicated to their customers, rather than being first centered first on the almighty dollar.  Too often marketers, designers and vendors try to redefine and change a customer’s brand without any concern for the dreams, and reasons why a business owner wants to do things a certain way.

We believe that you are the expert on your customers, and until we do our research and prove otherwise, you also know the message and image that you want to present to them.  Unless you hire us to research your business and target demographics, we are not the industry expert, you are.  By the end of your project we might very well have become experts, but we will never walk into an early meeting with a client and proceed to tell them how they should run and promote their business.  It’s our job to listen, adapt, serve and deliver.  More than anything, we want you to walk away satisfied and benefiting tremendously from your relationship with Electremedia.