Picture of new outdoor sign for animal hospital.
Closeup picture of new outdoor sign for animal hospital.

Give a Pause for “Paws”

Yukon Hills Animal Hospital has a new outdoor sign thanks to Electremedia Signs and Design, and we’re pausing to give their paws a leg up!

What do you get when you cross a dog with a frog?  A dog that can lick itself from across the room!

You can thank RL Stine for that little joke, who used to write comics for Bazooka Bubble Gum before penning children’s horror novels.

But being serious fur a moment, Yukon Hills approached us to convert their business card logo into an illuminated channel letter sign for the exterior of their building.  After scratching our heads for a minute, we came up with an illuminated face LED sign that is black during the day, and lights up white at night thanks to the use of black perforated day/night vinyl.  For the Animal Hospital portion we used a custom printed translucent blue vinyl.


Picture of outdoor signs on front of animal hospital.

Compared to illuminated white faces, perforated black vinyl stands out from the light colored stone on the building facade during the day.  As the sun goes down the white light from the internal LEDs bleed through the tiny holes in the vinyl to provide illumination through an otherwise black face.  To capture the sign detail these pictures were taken at dusk with a high exposure, which makes the scene look more illuminated that it actually was.  Whenever we have a customer that has a black logo but wants face illumination, we always suggest this as an alternative before recommending a change from their logo, which is important to their brand.

If you find yourself in need of a new custom outdoor sign, please give us a call.  You can request a free, no obligation quote using our Quote Request form, and put our design team to work for you!

Picture of new outdoor sign for animal hospital.