Animation of proposed sign design

For Schardein and Co., an Oklahoma City-based salon, we proposed splitting his existing digital message center into two signs, and incorporating them into his custom wall logo signs we designed.  It’s a rare opportunity to design such large logo signs for a salon (one has over 10′ high letters), plus being able to feature an amazing digital element – far beyond the cost feasibility of ordinary projects.

Here’s a link to the short animation on YouTube:  (SOUND WARNING!!!) Turn speakers down!

I modeled and rendered in 3DS Max 2013, and Used Adobe After Affects CS5 to composite the original soundtrack from the television commercial, then fade it out as the camera pulls back, and the scene lighting darkens through the animation to show day and nighttime illumination.  The original video was applied as an animated texture to a basic 3D rectangle, with no advanced UVW mapping or masking.