“No, I’m not the quick print guy!”

No offense to all the hard-working guys and gals at the local quick, speedy-type copy shops, or those national franchise sign stores that provide everything from t-shirts to street signs.  We custom sign companies need you there, and not just for your high retail price comparisons we can use, but we often need your services ourselves.  However, I don’t want my customer thinking I’m you!  I’m just sayin’.

I mean, who in what company wants to talk to the “sign guy” about getting the building sign fixed after the recent storm more than twice, three times at the most?  Suffice it to say, the sign guy doesn’t always get the most respect, and often for good reason.  I grew up “pulling a squeegee” in many a print shop, and am very familiar with the “shop” mentality that permeates ordinary sign shops.  I didn’t like it then, and I haven’t changed.

I have finally learned, after many years, to do what you’re passionate about and good at, and stop trying to do everyone else’s job at the same time. I’ve always been a computer graphics geek, and very visual, and design-centered. All of my experience has been in mass media, music publicity, advertising, instructional design, technology educator, national marketing and media manager positions, and the like.  So I live and breathe branding, along with computer graphics. Applying a concept to a visual design and transforming it into an awesome business sign is my thing.  For example, when I taught video game design to high school students, they had to team up and develop the concept before getting approval to begin the 3D design of the game level, which they were the most eager to do.  Having a clear overall mental picture of the concept immensely helps the design portion of the project, even if you’re only designing the marquee sign on the front of a retail store.  Creating intelligent, brand-based custom interior and exterior signage is essential to the success of the customer’s business, not to mention my own.

Similarly, it’s natural for me to look at our customer’s business name, concept, current artwork/colors, audience and even their short and long-term goals when considering a new sign design.  With experience in national media, marketing, advertising, technology and more – all of which I want to make available to my customers – the work to build a new and unique reputation as a sign company begins from the very first contact.  And it doesn’t take long for them to realize my ability to put myself into their shoes, and also consider their customer’s perspective and interests.  All of this work makes for a better overall design, which in the end, helps them build their brand and resulting bottom line profits.

So, don’t settle for just another sign shop for your next exterior or interior sign branding needs.  Call a service-centered, branding-minded, visually creative sign design company like, you guessed it, Electremedia.

We really hope to be able to connect with you soon!

Kalen Lake, Owner/Creative Director