The risks of landing a bid for a new sign project outweigh the risk of losing it.

In this post I’m featuring a proposed custom logo sign design and partial bid that has not yet been accepted by a prospective new client.  Having already spent dozens of hours transforming a simple font logo and slogan into a potential “illuminated masterpiece,” if one chooses to call it that, the risk exists that I could lose the job to a competitor who may have only spent an hour or so bidding on “making” my custom logo sign design.  The creative power you put into a project is always at risk.  But the greater risk would be to not put our best design forward!  We have seen countless times that careful design always brings back customers, and we really appreciate new ones.

Below are a few of the proposed designs we’re waiting to hear back on.  Some design investments!



Owner / Creative Director

Electremedia LLC

Backlit Channel Letter Sign 3D Rendering

A 3D rendering of a channel letter sign as requested from the customer. Backlit is not used when the landlord requires a raceway. This illustration is intended to illustrate why.

A 3D rendering of face lit channel letter sign.

This is a face lit alternative we recommended, with translucent vinyl on plex faces. You barely notice the raceway behind it.

3D rendering of reverse channel halo sign on metal back plate.

This is referred to as a reverse channel halo back lit sign. It was designed to mount offset from a metal back plate which could function as the wireway or to cover one.

A 3D rendering of face lit channel letter sign.

This was made to show how variations of their logo color could be used for different parts of the sign.

A rendering of a proposed sign design.

This is another (bad) example of a back lit LED sign on a raceway. This one shows an alternate face for the slogan capsule. The next example is what the customer is looking for.

A 3D rendering of a backlit channel letter sign.

This design appears to be exactly what the customer is looking for. However, it requires special permission from the landlord for whether it can be installed directly to the building. This is an important consideration when deciding between what you want and what you have to do. We understand commercial real estate, and often work with clients to identify and follow any necessary sign guidelines as required by the lease.