Electremedia Provides a Variety of Office Signs

For companies needing interior office signs we offer a variety of affordable solutions perfect for interior office buildings, corporate boardrooms, waiting rooms or even man caves and game rooms!  We can fabricate your logo, insignia, family crest, or just about anything, into an office sign made from acrylic, aluminum, wood, leather – you name it!  The size range requested for our office signs is typically less than 6 feet, and can feature almost any type of geometry and lighting options.  The interior sign options shown on this page were all made from between $750 and $2,500.  As a common theme with this website/blog, we use case study examples to show what we can do, not just tell you we can make cool interior office signs.  We also throw prices out there so you can get an idea of what you need to budget for, especially if the sign is part of a larger renovation or a build out of a new retail location.

The custom logo sign designed for Cheek Law Firm installed.This office sign for Cheek Law Firm was actually a two part project, to design a new logo, then provide a sign for their lobby / reception area.  The logo is on the left and mounted to a black channel box, to the right are brushed face aluminum channel letters, and a black channel box below with thin metal lettering applied to the face.  It made an impressive and strong statement to everyone entering their law office.


Image of lobby sign installed.These acrylic office signs are an affordable option for any office wall, restaurant vestibule or waiting area.  Your logo can be applied to the inside surface of the acrylic, protecting it from scratches from cleaning or accidental scratches.

Please drop us a line if you think we can help you display your business in the way that you really want.  Nothing at Electremedia isn’t custom, so you don’t have to settle for signage that you’re not happy with.  We hope to hear from you soon!


Signs by Electremedia – 405-200-2599 | info@electremedia.com.


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