Electremedia designs new wall sign

We are happy to have Petra Roofing as a new sign customer, and have just gone into production of a channel letter sign for their new office location.  Portions of their logo were used to design the sign, featuring LED illuminated faces and translucent red vinyl.  Custom channel letter signs like this that don’t use a raceway or wireway have to be constructed in such a way as to hide the electrical wiring for the LEDs.  For this design I slightly overlapped certain portions of the letters to hide the connections.

New channel letter LED illuminated sign for Petra Roofing, designed by Electremedia LLC.

This is the logo image that was originally provided by the client.  The original art was unavailable, and someone had used Photoshop to create a bevel for the letters, so there was really no way of using the customer’s artwork.  After some font detection work I found one that matched, and submitted a few designs and came up with the design in the featured image for this post.

Original logo for Petra Roofing company.If you have a need for a new wall sign please give Electremedia a call at 405-200-2599, or email us at info@electremedia.com.

Thanks for stopping by.

Kalen Lake

Owner/Creative Director