TEEM – Phase One

Picture of large vinyl graphic on wall that says TEEM.

Project Description

In June 2016 Electremedia was tapped to provide all of the graphics for The Education and Employment Ministry’s new location on North Classen in Oklahoma City.  The initial phase included providing a banner on the outside of the building, then door graphics and business hours, followed by wall graphics and reception area signage.  This 10-foot banner will soon be replaced by much larger channel letters.

Project Details

Client The Education and Employment Ministry (TEEM)
Date Ongoing
Skills Interior Branding, Wall and window graphics, wayfaring signage, office and classroom plaques
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Picture of large vinyl graphic on interior wall that says TEEM.

Project Feature

For their waiting room wall we provided this large 105″ contour cut vinyl graphic.  Not easy to install on such a textured surface, we took extra time and care to massage the graphic into the wall.  The end result is a high gloss and fine edge that is difficult to achieve with paint or other mediums.

Project Feature

A common interior reception-area sign, this one was made from clear acrylic with vinyl graphics applied to the face, and mounted to the wall using 5/8″ stainless offsets.  Keeping to the same motif, for the next phase of this project we are creating 25 acrylic name plates for each employee’s office, also offset mounted using 2 standoffs on each end.  Look for our next blog post on this TEEM project, and for pictures and info on all the office signs we’re providing for them.

Picture of clear acrylic sign offset mounted to a wall, with logo in vinyl on face.

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