Now shipping, two new reverse channel halo-llluminated logo signs for The Pointe.

We are delighted to have completed two new logo signs for The Pointe @ their University of Illinois location.  We were able to “dimensionalize” their logo and illuminate it to match their new nation-wide color scheme.  These two signs are relatively small, exactly 17″ high by 70″ wide.  We’ve been told that future sign orders are going to be larger.  We just love hearing good news like that!

As mentioned in an earlier post, we began this job with a simple circle logo.  This one.Original logo for The Pointe

The wanted The Pointe off to the side of the round logo in some form, so I suggested making channel letters out of everything, starting with the disc shape.  Using 1/4″ thick aluminum, the graphics on the logo face were routed out, channel sides were made, translucent acrylic applied to the inside surface and LEDs installed, just like the other letters.  After a few color variations we decided on black faces, brushed aluminum channels (sides), and everything offset mounted to a sheet of brushed aluminum, all reverse channel halo backlit.  I love designing those signs, and they look so good.  No, they’re not cheap, but I just might surprise you.  Give us a shot at designing and providing some quality custom backlit signs for you.  I can’t imagine you regretting it.

Best regards,

Kalen Lake

Owner/Creative Director, Electremedia

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Electremedia EM/Lux Sign Series designed for The Pointe at U of Ipointe crated Signs ready for The Pointe at The University of Illinois Angle View of Electremedia EM/Lux Series sign for The Pointe Side view of two signs for The Pointe at U of IL