When Magellan Jets of Quincy, MA needed a new office sign, who did they call?

Electremedia is going national!  Having just shipped two large signs to The Pointe in Urbana, Illinois (which they loved! btw), we’re now providing Magellan Jets with their new interior office sign.  They selected a design from a new inexpensive office sign series, which are tailored toward smaller size requirements and/or tighter spaces.

All of our signs are custom designed and handmade, and as such, can become whatever you can imagine.  If you read through a few of these blog case studies, you will see how we live to make art come to life.  Magellan had about a 6-foot wall space at the end of a hall where they wanted their logo.  They contacted us, and we considered vinyl decal options, and they opted for a sheet of acrylic with their logo printed second surface (on the wall side), and offset mounted with decorative posts.  It’s an inexpensive way to give your office a sense of identity, and communicate your brand to walk-through clients.

As a side note, I am really interested in LED edge lighting acrylic that’s been sandblasted to catch the light.  I haven’t had a customer request such a design, but I’d love to design and deliver it!

We’ve done a number of indoor logo signs, from aluminum channel letters and shapes to large acrylic sheets.  If we can help you please let us know.

Kalen Lake

Owner/Creative Director, Electremedia LLC

405-200-2599 | info@electremedia.com