Our first LARGE vinyl wall application


As part of the exterior sign project for Ultimate Tan & Tone in Yukon, we also designed their logo, business cards, promotional materials and this almost 10′ vinyl wall graphic for their lobby.  If they approve their current bid, we’re going to install translucent vinyl graphics of a beach scene that spans 5 large windows.  I hope to be able to show that work soon.


It’s unnerving doing something for the first time, and no one wants to waste their own hard earned cash.  Thanks to my wonderful wife Tami, we got it installed perfectly.  I love seeing my art big and on display.  If anyone wants any large digital graphics for their store, home, office and whatever, just let us know.  My forte is technology and design, but I come from a music media and marketing background, so I consider Electremedia a design and consulting agency, who’s key business is providing large commercial signage.


But there is a constellation of other services available to our clients, which we are delighted they often take advantage of.  We love our customers.  But they’re more like very important clients, and many are very great friends.  We appreciate you all.

Kalen Lake

Owner/Creative Director