Electre media

According to Wikipedia, Electre is a family of multi-criteria decision analysis methods that originated in Europe in the mid-1960s. The acronym ELECTRE stands for: ELimination Et Choix Traduisant la REalité (ELimination and Choice Expressing REality).

That meaning wasn’t in the forefront of my mind. Another source cites Electre as:
n. 1. Amber.
2. A metallic substance compounded of gold and silver; an alloy.

Perhaps a better metaphor, as ElectreMedia can be considered a compound of creativity and execution. It’s a concept of taking the virtual to the physical. From the confines of a computer screen to the wall of a lobby, or the side of a building.¬† From modeling and illuminating an object in 3D space, to seeing it massive, and glowing atop a shopping center wall. Like your artwork having a rock concert. For decades my work has been almost purely digital, and it’s uniquely satisfying to see one’s
artwork come to life.

Another installation tomorrow, and more featured pictures to come.