Ordering Custom Channel Letter Signs

Like the other information about us in this website, rather than just tell you what we can do, like making channel letter signs, we use case studies, and real life examples.  We blog post on projects, and show our progress at the appropriate time.  Designing a exterior wall sign for your business is a dynamic process, from taking a concept or drawing on paper to a large, illuminated beacon of your business.  We love seeing our art come alive, and we do everything we can to make sure you know what you are expecting to receive, and we deliver on and beyond on that expectation.  Our way of accomplishing this is to create detailed 3D renderings of the sign we’re designing for you.  With the right photography, we can make it look like you can almost reach out and touch it, already mounted to your wall.

This process has a number of advantages beyond you knowing what to expect.  It conveys to the fabricator exactly what is intended to be make, with 3D simulated lighting and all.  Over time this has become a seamless process of sign design to fabrication to installation.  Our hope is that we will have an opportunity to provide the same service to your channel letter sign needs, and maybe take it a little further than you are expecting.  Read the case study below before you decide.


Case Study: Vapor Showroom Wall Sign

We designed this 8 foot wide channel letter sign for Vapor Showroom, and with a package discount, cost our customer under $3,500.  Originally they came to us with a logo, and directions from their landlord that their sign “required channel letters, on a raceway.”  With quotes in the $6,000 range, and accompanying designs, they had resigned to just “do something cheap for now, then come back and do a good sign later in the year.”  Electremedia designed a solution where the majority of the letters in their logo/company name could be displayed in translucent vinyl on a single piece of polycarbonate.  The cost-saving corners we can cut for customers are not in our quality, but in smart design.  The only thing that makes your sign look cheap is cheap design!

If you’re counting up costs, you’ll need to consider the following (which are very rough estimates, and every situation is unique):

  • Additional Panels for Pole/Monument Sign(s): $450 – $1,500,
  • Installation: $750 – $1,150 (sometimes each, sometimes for both, depends on location and contractor),
  • Permits:  $0 – $500, depending on number of permits required by locale,
  • Electrical Work:  Customer is responsible for all electrical costs (no cost when tapping into existing adequate wiring)
  • Tax (if local),
  • Shipping (if out-of-state, and no tax).

The above information is dynamic, and always changing, yet it can give you a basic idea of the components of a typical sign project, and help you anticipate the associated costs of your new sign investment.