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At Electremedia we create custom business signs and graphics, both interior and exterior, for businesses all across North America.  If you need an outdoor lighted sign for your retail store, or an attractive reception area wall sign, we provide many types of business signs including indoor signs and displays, name plaques, custom lobby signs, storefront wall signs, pole signs, monument signs, window logo decals, store hours and much more.  

Outdoor advertising signs for new or struggling businesses is essential for increasing walk in traffic.  Custom business signs lighting up your storefront can account for over 35% of new visitors, and outdoor signs are a great long term investment for increasing same store sales.  If you’re looking for a new sign for the outside of your business, or a custom reception area sign to leave a lasting impression on your customers, give us a chance to put our skills to work for you!

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Featured Sign Projects

Architectural sign created for the Better Business Bureau.

Architectural signage can beautify any business entrance, like this blade sign we created for the Oklahoma City Better Business Bureau.

A halo backlit illuminated sign created for Noir Bistro and Bar.

We can transform any business logo into highly attractive outdoor signage, like this one created for Noir Bistro & Bar, on Film Row in Downtown Oklahoma City.

Custom interior sign for Oklahoma-based Oil and Gas Company.

All of our signs are custom made, like this hallway logo design created for a high rise in downtown Oklahoma City.

Picture of large custom channel letter sign created by Electremedia Signs and Design.

Large exterior channel letter logo signs, designed, fabricated and installed for your new business.

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Channel Letters

Illuminated channel letter logo sign with illumination attached to side of building.Channel letters come in a variety of flavors, and our job is to help you choose the best style for your application.  They often come with LED illuminated faces with translucent colored vinyl, or halo illuminated from behind the lettering, or both.  For example, halo illumination will not look right if the letters must be attached to a raceway (the box they mount to that hides the wires, which mounts to the building).  One wants to hide the raceway by painting it the same color as the wall, and halo illumination would only light it up and look quite bad.  Face illumination works best in these cases, and we’ll steer you in the best direction possible.

Picture of Noir letters with halo backlighting on silver back pan.

This halo illuminated reverse channel letter design by Electremedia is displayed on Film Row in downtown Oklahoma City.

These two examples show face and halo illumination design options.  Depending on your logo and lighting and design preferences, we can use whichever approach is best for your unique needs.

If the storefront sign requires a raceway, we will suggest face illumination like what was used for the vapor store.  Halo illumination visually interacts with the wall surface, and may require a back pan to achieve the optimal desired glow effect.



Acrylic Signs

Image of clear acrylic logo sign installed in the lobby of Commercial Oklahoma

Acrylic signage is a great option for indoor reception areas or conference rooms.  We can apply your logo and brand in vinyl, or have it printed directly onto the surface.  Quality steel standoffs give it a sense of depth, and are easy to install.

Picture of clear acrylic wall sign with vinyl logo on face.

Picture of reception area acrylic and vinyl wall sign for non-profit organization.

We can either apply contour cut vinyl graphics to the face of the acrylic, or have artwork directly printed onto the sign face.

We often suggest using metal standoffs to give added depth to acrylic wall signs, or they can be framed in painted wood to match the interior decor.  Acrylic is a versatile design option when creating attractive interior signage.

Interior acrylic sign for Vertebrae.

Large acrylic pieces with either printed of contour cut vinyl logos are clean, attractive and enhance the beauty of any lobby or reception area.TandK_CIOpening266


Cabinet Signs

Picture of a wall sign for SealCo.

Cabinet, or box signs, are less popular today than they used to be, but they still have their place in certain applications.  We often provide new plex faces for these older signs, but when designing a new one we push the boundaries.  Rather than a box with a plastic face and vinyl, we opt to create a unique cabinet, often using internally illuminated push thru acrylic lettering.  Your sign doesn’t have to be boring to be affordable.  These days the cost of the metal materials often exceeds the cost of fabrication.  You can likely get a creatively designed and detailed sign cabinet sign from Electremedia for the same price or less than you would pay for a less attractive simple light box.

Picture of refaced wall sign for Schardein & Co.

Picture of a refaced wall sign for Schardein & Co.

Older cabinet signs can be re purposed with new faces and a fresh coat of paint to give a previous investment new life and value.  Whether for a pole or wall cabinet sign, Electremedia can create any type of cabinet sign your situation requires.

3D image of newly designed signs.

Architectural Lighting and Hardware

Picture of blade sign for the BBB.Architectural signage takes into account the design of the building, colors and other hardware elements.  This approach takes planning and thoughtful design.  We work with architects, building owners and construction managers to create a look that is high quality and unique to their property.


We enjoy designing attractive and high impact architectural signage. The satisfaction that comes from a delighted customer and a beautiful work of art is priceless.  Given the opportunity, we will do the same for you.

For more information on how we can help you with your sign needs, please give us a call at (405) 200-2599, or request a free quote using our Quote Request Form.

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